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Our Selfie® Exfoliating Mitt removes dead skin cells and restores your skin’s natural appearance, removing unwanted tan or preparing your skin for tanning.


Remove Your Tan-Exfoliating Mitt

Made out of 100% naturally derived fiber, the Selfie®Exfoliating Mitt will magically remove any fake tan and dead skin cells to restore your skin’s natural appearance. Can be used as a dry buff or with water to prepare skin, ready for your next tan.

HOW TO USE EXFOLIATING MITT: While in the shower, dampen your glove, making sure it’s not too wet. Starting with your ankles and feet, rub with a firm upwards motion. Continue with hips, arms and elbows, followed by the rest of the body. Be gentle on the decolletage areas. The glove can also be used directly before applying self-tanning products to prepare the skin. Designed for use on either hand. Rinse mitt and allow to air dry.


Selfie Tan'n'go Exfoliating Mitt Remove Your Tan 1 pc


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