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Super Dark Tan

Flawless Finish in a Mousse!

  • You Control the Tan Color You Want
  • Easy to Apply, Streak Free, Dries Quickly
  • No Smell of Self-Tanner Aroma; Herbal Fragrance
  • Paraben & Cruelty Free Self-Tanner
  • Applicator Mitt Included
  • Salon Proven Formula
How to use

For best results, exfoliate skin prior to using 1 Hour Express Bronzing Mousse (Super Dark Tan). Shake well before use. Before application, moisturize elbows, knees, ankles, feet, and any light hair lines.

Pump a small amount of the bronzing mousse onto the enclosed applicator mitt. Lightly blend into clean, dry skin, one body part at a time. We suggest starting with the legs and working your way up the body. Each time, pump a small amount of mousse onto the mitt and blend in.

For hard-to-reach areas on the back, turn the mitt onto the back of your hand. For hands and feet, lightly brush over these areas. Be sure to clean the palms of your hand and nails immediately after application.

Allow color to dry before direct contact with clothes or water. When desired color level is reached, rinse off. Reapply for a darker color.

SELFIE Tan'n'go 1 Hour Express Bronzing Mousse Super Dark Tan 7.5 oz


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